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Serving Tulsa and surrounding areas for over 45 years.

Our Services

Chimney Repair & Install

From the ground up new or repairing with a wide range of materials such as brick, stone, stucco or other types of cladding such as siding.

Chimney Cap Repair & Install

Having an Ornamental Pot or shroud installed can add curbside appeal to any chimney. Also, masonry caps typically will deteriorate over time and will need repairs. Top dampers are installed at the cap as well for other purposes.

Firebox Repair & Install

Providing new construction & repairs for fireboxes. After many years of use a firebox will need relining and new or repaired dampers.

Hearth, Mantle, Chase Repair & Install

Choose between a large range of designs and colors for your fireplace. We install any type of brick and stone whether its a natural or simulated material.

Cast Stone Repair & Install

Heres another addition to the masonry fireplaces. Choose a cast stone design which has many colors, textures and design options.

Outdoor Fireplace Repair & Install

Fireplaces outdoors are very complimentary to any project. We install everything from the concrete footing to the cap and everything in between.


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